High Heel Pads

01  Features of BIBAL high heel pads

Anti-slippery protrusion : Anti-slippery protrusion alleviates the pain of inclining forward when you
      are walking.
Urethane gel : Soft urethane gel of high heel pads has excellent shock-absorption properties.
Surface embossment : Gives a fresh sensation, as high heel pads do not stick even to bare feet.

02  Applicable shoes : High heels, sandals, low shoes

03  Recommended to you…

If you are active and often wear heels.
If your heels are uncomfortable because they are slightly loose.
If you want to wear heels but you are worried that your feet will ache.
If you are worried about bunions.
If your feet smell or you have athlete’s foot.

04  Precautions

It is best to attach the high heel pads in one movement as it has very strong adhesive properties.
Do not use the high heel pads if the inner surface of the shoes is fabric, as it will not stick well.

05  Instructions

Determine the adhesive location (anti-slippery protrusion) at the back of the shoes.
Remove the adhesive protection film on the back of the high heel pads.
Attach the left and right pieces properly on the shoes.