Men’s Gel Heel Cups

01  Features of BIBAL men’s gel heel cups

Men’s heel cup that provides incredible shock absorption and comfort!.
Comfort with a stable heel structure.
Wonderful shock absorbing effect of special urethane gel.
Optimized for plantar fasciitis patients.
Long-lasting hygienic effect by Antimicrobial & fragrance in raw material .
Removable and cleaning available.

02  Applicable shoes : Regular shoes, flat shoes, running shoes

03  Recommended to you…

If the heels of your feet ache.
If you walk a lot of work standing up for a long time.
If you have troubles with plantar fasciitis.
If your feet smell or you have athlete’s foot.
If you are looking for comfortable ways to give your height a boost.

04  Precautions

Attach the front part of the gel heel cups well so that it does not stick to socks.
The top of the feet may hurt if the gel heel cups are used in too-tight shoes.

05  Instructions

Determine the adhesive location at the back of the shoes.
Remove the adhesive protection film on the back of the gel heel cups.
Attach the left and right pieces properly on the shoes.