Foot & Mi Slim

01  Features of Slim

Designing an Inclination Angle for blow-legs.
Arch support for keeping body balance.
Ergonomic designs provide stability.
Acupoint K1(Youngqun) is stimulated to help with smooth blood circulation.

02  Applicable shoes : Woman's Running shoes, flat shoes,                                                 Snikers etc.

03  Recommended to you…

If you want to give excellent seniors’ insole to your parents.
If the bottom of your feet hurt even after a short walk.
If you want good cushion insole.
If your feet smell or you have athlete’s foot.
If you have troubles adjusting to several shoes.

04  Product Specifications

Size of the slim is Free but, recommend to 230~250mm
The top of the feet may hurt if the slim are used in too-tight shoes.

05  Instructions

Attach the left and right pieces properly on the shoes.
It help you about keeping body balance.