Smart Non Slip Pad

01  Features of Non Slip Pad

Smart Non Slip Pad for mobile phones, GPS, Sunglasses, Coins etc.
Holds things in place when driving around curves, tilted over bumps or at angles.
Use in High & Low temperature and humidity resistant.
Washable & Re-Usable, Easy to clean, simply wash with soap and warm water, and reuse.

02  Applicable place : Wherever you want                                                 ex) over bumps, at angles etc.

03  Recommended to you…

If you want to hold your mobile phones or keys in the car.
If you wnat to hold note on the fridge.

04  Product Specifications

Big : 8.5*5*0.4cm - 1p / Middle : 3.5*3*0.4cm - 2p / Small : 3.5*1*0.4cm - 2p

05  Instructions

Remove oil or dust on the place you want.
Simple peel the plastic off it.
place it on the dash board or any other place you want.