Mountain Shoes Insoles

01  Features of BIBAL mountain shoes insoles

Special urethane gel inserted, absorbing shock when climbing
Solid arch holding distributes weight effectively and absorbs knee and waist shock
Special urethane material that effectively decreases foot pressure and fatigue.
Ergonomically designed for comfortable climbing in a variety of mountain terrain.
Long-lasting hygienic effect by Antimicrobial & fragrance in raw material.
High quality Mesh fabric used for excellent ventilation in shoes.

02  Applicable shoes : Mountain Shoes

03  Recommended to you…

if you feel hurt knee and waist after trekking.
if you get sick.
if you want to wear trekking shoe more comfortable.
if your feet smell or you have athlete's foot.
if you have troubles adjusting to trekking shoe.

04  Precautions

After a round in the rain, remove the golf insoles and dry them in the shade before using them
The top of the feet may hurt if the golf insoles are used in too-tight shoes.

05  Instructions

Remove the mountain shoes’ insoles and use them to trim BIBAL mountain shoes insoles to the same size.
Insert BIBAL mountain shoes insoles and adjust the shoelace to make the feet comfortable.