01  Features of Feet Guider

Through wireless communications of Bluetooth 4.0, sharing of it with mobile phone
Measurement of physical balance between the right and left half using two sensors-each one on one side
Measurement by automatic recognition of walking, running and cycling
Measurement of number of steps, distance and calorie consumption
Real time checking of activities information
Increased use by feedback on setting and accomplishment of exercise goal


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                                                     FEET GUIDER



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02  Application : Trekking, Running, Daily Activity,                                 Walking, Fitness etc

03  Recommended to you…

If you want to know your body balance.
If you want to know your tiredness with impulse strength of activity.
If you want to measure the step count, moving distance etc.
If you need to lose the weight while checking burned calories.

04  Product Specifications

Insole : Triaxial acceleration sensor, PCB, Battery, EVA foam, Cushion pad
Application : Sync with
      Apple iOS Devices (iOS 8.0 ; iPhone 5+)
      Android Phones (Android 4.4)

You can download at the “App Store” or “Google play”

05  Instructions

Preparing Feet Guider and Application.
If you need to recharge, please change your battery in the module.
Use Feet Guider as they are or trim them according to the size of your shoes.
Start your activity and application.