Cycle for bike insole

01  Features of BIBAL cycle for bike insole

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Maximum power that can be delivered to the pedal due to the functional design.
Rigid injection-molded form that raised the plantar arch as high as possible.
Urethane material used to maintain excellent resilience.
Shock absorption and retaining during walking due to inserted special urethane gel.
Long-lasting hygienic effect by Antimicrobial & fragrance in raw material.
High quality Mesh fabric used for excellent ventilation in shoes.

02  Applicable shoes : Bicycle Shoes, Sneakers

03  Recommended to you…

if you want to work comfortable pedal.
if you want to keep riding bike constantly.
if you feel feet hurt while you riding bike.
if your feet smell or you have athlete's foot.

04  Precautions

If the shoes get wet in the rain, remove the hiking insoles and dry them in the shade before using
      them again.
The top of the feet may hurt if the hiking insoles are used in shoes with a low structure for the top
      of the foot.

05  Instructions

Remove the shoes’ insoles and use them to trim BIBAL bibal cycle insole to the same size.
Insert BIBAL bibal cycle insole and adjust the shoelace again to make the feet comfortable.