Foot & Fit Arch

01  Features of Arch

Fatigue decrease because of hard arch support.
Excellent antibacterial effects due to anion release.
It duly reach to foot due to quantum EVA material.
It neutralize acidification sweat, so it have great deodorizing effects.

02  Applicable shoes : Running shoes, Snikers,                                                 Trekking shoes, Comfort shoes etc.

03  Recommended to you…

If you have foot odor.
If you want to remove your foot ordor.
If the bottom of your feet hurt even after a short walk.
If you want to walk comfortable.

04  Product Specifications

Size S : 225~250mm / L : 250~290mm

05  Instructions

Remove the mountain shoes' insoles and use them to trim Foot & Fit Arch shoes insoles to the same.
Insert Foot & Fit Arch and adjust the shoelace to make the feet comfortable.