Senior Shoes Insoles

01  Features of Activer Gel

Excellent shock absorption reduces feelings of fatigue.
Design is suited for seniors’ feet.
They provides extra cushion for comfortable walking.
Activer Gel was made with feet data of KRISS(Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science).
You can use Activer Gel for all kind of shoe and all generation.
Activer Gel’s thickness and feeling of cushion are better than existing our another Gel insole.
Accupoint K1 is stimulated to help with smooth blood circulation.
The combination of antimicrobial and deodorant makes feet comfortable and hygienic.

02  Applicable shoes : Shoes, Comfort shoes, Snikers etc.

03  Recommended to you…

If you often wearing hard shoes and feeling fatigue.
If you want to give excellent seniors’ insole to your parents.
If the bottom of your feet hurt even after a short walk.
If you want good cushion insole.
If your feet smell or you have athlete’s foot.
If you have troubles adjusting to several shoes.

04  Product Specifications

Size S : 235-255mm / L : 260~290mm

Weight S : 110g / L : 139g

05  Instructions

Use Activer Gel as they are or trim them according to the size of your shoes.
Insert Activer Gel and adjust the shoelace to make the feet comfortable.